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Dimension One Kitchens in Dartford distinguishes itself by creating bespoke kitchens that not only serve a functional purpose but also precisely reflect our customers’ individual likes and lifestyles. Your kitchen is an expression of who you are in addition to being a practical room. Because of this, we specialise in creating stunning modern and bespoke contemporary kitchens that are created exclusively to meet your demands and vision.

Collaborative Design Approach

Our personal kitchen designs are based on the concept of creating a culinary canvas that is unique to you. Our local kitchen fitters closely collaborate with clients to comprehend their styles, preferences, and requirements, which we convert into your Bexley Kitchen. We also stock a diverse range of beautifully handcrafted worktops and cabinets, available in various colours, designs, and finishes to represent your unique style. Our comprehensive kitchen design service takes care of everything from supply to kitchen design and Installation to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience. Our local kitchen fitters provide regular updates and ensure that your new kitchen is completed on time and within budget for complete satisfaction. Our artisans take great pride in their workmanship and pay meticulous attention to every project they undertake to ensure your new kitchen looks superb and functions perfectly.

Customised Designs

Dimension One Kitchen offers a wide range of accessories to complement your Bexley kitchen decor. We provide the following alternatives to fit your particular style:

Worktops and cupboards in a variety of innovative patterns and colours.

Tiles, classic ceramics and innovative mosaics will enhance your new kitchen design.

Flooring options include durable vinyl, premium wood, and easy-to-maintain laminate.

All of our kitchen components are built from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and lifespan against daily wear and tear. You can enjoy your kitchen for many years.

Dimension One Kitchen provides a comprehensive kitchen design experience with the highest-quality accessories to complement your kitchen.

Optimised Kitchen Space & Functionality

Our highly skilled designers are not only specialists in their profession; they are also masters of space optimisation and enhanced functionality. They will work effortlessly to create a kitchen that utilises every inch of your space and implement innovative concealed storage areas such as built-in appliances, corner storage units, pull-out fittings, and more. Our inconspicuous storage solutions greatly enhance the functionality of your space, no matter the size of your kitchen. We stock waste solutions that eradicate clutter and smart features that make daily activities enjoyable.

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Are you ready to transform your Bexley kitchen into a modern masterpiece or revamp your space with a contemporary flair? Whether you desire a kitchen refurbishment or upgrade specific elements of your existing kitchen, Dimension One can help! With years of industry experience and a passionate team full of knowledge and expertise, we can make your vision a reality! We create aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchens in Bexley and East London.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us help you transform your kitchen into a masterpiece!

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